The VIP Casino Lounge

Redefining Exclusive Entertainment

The VIP Casino Programme delivers a new dimension of exclusive entertainment by providing the best in online Casino gameplay, customer satisfaction, uniquely customized promotions and never seen before rewards.

How can we best define the meaning of VIP Treatment at VIP Casino?

Listening to, understanding and constantly learning from our most valuable players is what we consider to be the key and fundamental roles of the VIP team. We do not randomly create promotions, pick an event out of a hat, or conjure selective bonuses. What we pride ourselves in doing at VIP Casino is interacting, discussing and working together with our players in order to deliver the highest level of player satisfaction and above all create an opportunity for superior entertainment!

Our mission is to deliver an unparalleled level of service, encompassing a seamless delivery of personalisation and professionalism, incentive and reward, resulting in the ultimate player experience.

The entire team at VIP Casino collectively believes in what we like to call "The Pinnacle of Customer Experience". This team belief and level of service means the consistent monitoring of player activity in order to upgrade players and welcome new ones into our different and exciting VIP tiers, whilst also ensuring the creation and development of unique and tailored activities, events, promotions and prizes. It is a great privilege for us to ensure the constant satisfaction and personal professional treatment of our VIP Players, whilst also welcoming new members, into what we can only describe as the most Extraordinary and Elite of VIP programmes.

Exclusivity Personified
  • VIP Treatment,
  • Superior monthly offers and rewards,
  • Exclusively tailored VIP bonuses,
  • Outstanding cashback programme,
  • Personal VIP manager,
  • Exclusive hospitality events,
  • VIP gifts and prizes,
  • Birthday bonus.